Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just a Part of Life

I thought I would fill you in on what is going on around here not related to decorating. Or home improvement. Or projects. Well, I may mention them but no tutorials or anything.

First of all, you should know that when you are 5 years old and thin as a stick - and I mean really skinny - life is so stressful trying to find a pair of pants that fit. Most mornings I hear whines and complaints about the pants falling off. So, we tighten the adjustable waist A LOT and then all the bunches from being tightened hurt. And if you add a belt then the big bump in the front is bothersome. Sweats. That is the answer. And apparently he needs more!

Last night I received that magic phone call that told me the bunk beds were coming today! YIPPEE!! So it's been a long, loooooong wait but at least they are here. And we weren't scammed. I am waiting for that second call to give me a better idea of what time they will arrive but tonight I will sleep without a baby in the room!! 9+ months later and she has her room back! Oh, the celebrations that will occur (and that will not necessarily mean what you think it means ☺). UPDATE: He just called - between 1 and 3pm! I cannot wait to put it together. I love putting things together. I would be very disappointed if it was all assembled. Did I mention I love to assemble things??!!

I am not above bribing my children. Pepe has a somewhat significant speaking role in the Sunday School Christmas program this year and he is stressed just thinking about it. AJ has a smaller role, 4 short lines, but still broke down in tears with wailing and gnashing of teeth when we tried to practice in the safety of our own home. So, what does any good mother do? Bribe them. And bribe them well! Both boys will get to choose their very own mini-Lego set if they speak their lines well for everyone to hear without breaking down in tears. Talk about incentive for 2 little Lego-loving boys!

I stayed up until 2am last night trying to sew a hat for RJ. Her sister has one and her mom has a few but she has none. I am trying to make her one for Christmas but I am not so sure I am winning. However, if anyone knows me well, I will succeed. It may frustrate me and cause me to say some unnesessary things but I will do it. And then I will wonder why I didn't just go buy one!!

I was driving to the city to do some shopping the other day and an advent calendar idea smacked me right in the center of my head! Don't you just love it when that happens? I have refrained from buying those cheapy ones you can find but it never occurred to me to just make one. Then I read online in a place or 2 about making your own. I have been mulling it over and then - BAM!! I now have all the supplies, I just have to find time. Which always seems to disappear around here . . .

Speaking of supplies, I also intend to make a fabric-covered headboard for our room. I have all the supplies, except the wood, for that, too. It, also, just requires some time. Once the girls are all settled in maybe I can work on it. Of course, I should finish all the sewing first. But, we will see. I know it could be done quickly (that's what I say now!). And the difference it would make!

School marches along just wonderfully. When I say that, I mean that I haven't gotten too impatient or upset with them. Which makes school a lovely experience, wouldn't you say? ☺

Finally, in the very back of my mind, is the desire to decorate for Christmas. I started with my table but there is so much more that can, and will, be done. First, I need my hero-husband to grab the decor boxes from the shelves in the garage and then I need a real tree. I cannot stand the fake ones. There is something so magical about that smell of fresh evergreen. Mmmmm. I can almost smell it now! However, I did tell Jay, that if we got a fake tree, it would be noticeably fake, like black or white or red or hot pink or something! And that would not only be a tree, it would be a statement. So, anyway, maybe this week we will get our tree and the real decorating can begin!

That is our life in a nutshell right now. Things are going well. Really, they are. In my heart and in my life. I hope your life is going well, too! Have a great Wednesday - I know I sure will!

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