Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Decor - The Tree

Ah, the tree! One of my most favorite parts of Christmas decorating is definately the tree. I remember with fondness the live trees we always had when I was a child. As an adult, I still insist on a live evergreen even though my husband still tries to convince me of the virtues of a fake one! And, this year, we got a beauty! Until last year, we have always gone to cut our own tree, trudging through the snow and the freezing cold with all the kids in tow, looking for that perfect tree. Usually I end up just saying "Whatever, that's fine" because we are all so frozen and no one cares anymore! But, I would do it all over again! We almost always went with friends, took sleigh rides when the weather was mild enough, sat by a fire and roasted marshmallows - it really was a treasured time for me - not so much for Jay as he gets cold fingers REALLY easy. What a good sport he is! This year, as last year, we went to the local gas station and selected a pre-cut tree. I found a 9' Balsam fir that was marked as a 6'-7' tree, probably due to its narrowness. This is a tall tree but not a wide one. Absolutely perfect! We have a vaulted ceiling so height is no problem, it is floor space that is precious. So, this weekend was filled with tree decorating. I admit, at times it was a tad stressful, thanks to all the little helpers. But only one ornament was broken, so that is pretty good! We will see how that number changes by the time the tree comes down!

I think this was the very first year Jay helped me put lights on the tree! And it was very entertaining, listening to him complain, all with a smile on his face! We had so much fun putting on the lights and the ribbon. Well, I think it was fun, he thinks it was . . . tedious and unnecessary. ☺ However, the tree is finally done and it feels just like Christmas!

I chose black, white and red ornaments last year and stuck with those colors again. Probably will for a few years. I am not about to buy new ones each year. However, I think the idea of a hot pink and black Christmas tree will need to be pursued in the future! You know, when we live in the country and have 3 Christmas trees (right, Dear? wink, wink!!)!!

Tah da! What do you think?

Some of my favorite ornaments include these masks (I have a Fine Arts degree in theatre so masks have always intrigued me! Maybe I will pursue that . . . when we move to the country and have more space!!)

and these flowers.

I love these ornaments - they make me think of flamenco dancers. Not sure why, they just do.

Oh, and these just had to come home with me. Check out the rings! So big and sparkly! So girly! So perfect!

I love mirrored ornaments. I have these little mirror balls in red and silver plus some larger cone-shaped mirror "trees" - I just love the way they reflect the light!

And I know this is not the tree but you can see the reflection of it in the mirrored barn windows I made this summer. I added a "NOEL" sign above it and replaced the feather wreaths with large black sparkly stars. So pretty!

Finally, one last story to share with you. I remember back to last year at this time. I was 7 months pregnant with baby #5. Jay was on a 4-day trip to Calgary for a farmer's summit, something he won and we both thought he should attend. I decided to decorate the tree while he was gone. So, I bundled up the kids, went to the tree stand, picked a tree by myself, helped the guy tie it on the van, drove home and brought it inside by myself, carried it up the stairs and set it in the stand by myself and decorated the whole thing by myself. I was extremely proud of all that I accomplished by myself and even more thrilled I didn't go into labor with all that activity!! Knowing my independant spirit, Jay was not at all surprised and maybe just a little thankful he didn't have to help! PS: In spite of what it may sound like, I have an amazing husband who lets me decorate to my heart's content, even if it is not what he would do! I love you, sweetheart! Thanks for being you and letting me be me!

Well, I must run and finish up the advent calendar! I am so close to being done and excited to show you what I came up with! Stay tuned!


  1. It looks soooo pretty! Good job on the advent calendar as well. I just made my first calendar yesterday...I should probably do a post about it soon :) I like the tin idea, maybe I'll do one like that for Amelia next year. I also don't like the store bought ones, why would you buy one when you can just make one ten times better!?!

  2. Love the lovely tree. Love that it is totally YOU (and your crew ;)...).

  3. wow that is definitely a tall tree! love it. how on earth could anyone find decorating the all-important christmas tree tedious??? haha.
    oh, this is julia by the way. :)

  4. Pretty!!!!!!

    -Alana Jo
    Please take a moment to check out my photos as well.
    Have a blessed day!


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