Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Decor - Table Scape

I have been trying to postpone pulling out the Christmas decor until we have had our final Thanksgiving celebration this coming weekend. However, when I saw a certain piece of fabulousness at London Drugs, I said forget that! I am not hosting the gathering at my house so why can't I decorate for Christmas?! I started (and for now, ended) with the dining room table. As I mentioned, I found this set of 3 tall covered cake stands on sale for $29.99 at London Drugs (reg. $49.99) and I once I saw them I knew I had to have them and I knew exactly what to do!

I bought a number of tree ornaments and, with the bowl part held upside down, placed the ornaments in the bowl. Then, with the bowl still upside down, I placed the stand on it (so now the bottom of the stand is sticking straight up - make sense?) and inverted it. Voila! A beautiful stand of ornamental wonder! After finishing all three the same way, I placed them on a mirror I bought at MCC a while ago for maybe $3. Perfection! Add a couple of feathery ornaments and the table centerpiece is complete! Oh, so fabulous! Oh, so pretty! Oh, so easy! I cannot wait to get out all the other decor. {Patience, my lovely, patience!}


  1. they look great! how long till one of the kiddies wants to see whats in them and lifts the lid?? dad says you have guts...no guts no glory!!! I like that word fabulousness!!

  2. Very pretty. Like the color of the ornaments too!


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