Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Creations - Kid's Aprons and Chef's Hats

In between dishes and school and cleaning the house and making food and all the other duties a day with 5 children holds, I have been happily sewing away some fantastic Christmas gifts! Currently I am working on these adorable kid's aprons and chef's hats. A couple of years ago, I bought an apron and hat set for my oldest son from Pampered Chef. It is perfect for him! My intention was to just copy the design and make some for the next 3 kids. That is, until I found this fabulous tutorial all ready for me to use! These are perfect instructions for making either kid or adult-sized aprons. I really like the adjustable ties! I added a front pocket but otherwise followed the instructions exactly as stated.

I went on a fabric shopping spree and found some fabulous home decorator fabric to use (I still have 2 more hidden away downstairs. If you are counting, that makes at least 5 aprons and I only needed 3. I wonder what they could be for? ☺). It came in such fun prints and it was a bit heavier than cotton. To me a cotton apron doesn't keep the wet off of you! Just remember, when sewing with heavier fabric, use a thicker needle!!

Alas, she did not include instructions for a chef's hat. After a little more searching, I found this tutorial (don't you just love the internet??!!). It creates a perfect kid's chef's hat! I made the band out of the same fabric as the apron in order to add a bit of pizzazz! As for the white part of the hat, I found that material at MCC. As a matter of fact, I picked up some more just like it the other day for the rest of the hats I have yet to make!

All in all, a perfect Christmas present for all of my little helpers! Adorable, don't you think?


  1. Looks great, Chantelle! I only wish I could create something like that and call it 'easy'! Do you take orders? I would love to have a couple for my kiddos.


  2. Love it! They are adorable! I just love homemade gifts!!


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