Thursday, September 17, 2009

We Need a Side Car in John Deere Green!

As I mentioned earlier in a blog, I was waiting for the day Jay was "relegated" to the combine. Today was that day. And, as I have every year since we started having kids, I packed up the troops and took them out to the fields for a ride! And what a ride it was! 7 of us, all snug and cozy, in the cab of that John Deere combine.

This was Ari's first tractor ride (well, at least while outside the womb!) and she seemed to enjoy every minute. I am not sure that I have found something she doesn't like. Ali, however, was a different story. Her hesitation was apparent to everyone around. The wails started the moment Jay made his way up the ladder. She was not so impressed with this mammoth machine. And who could blame her? The stubble in the field (just the stubble, not the complete stalks) came up to her knees. The combine is huge to an average adult - to this wee little 2 year old, it must seem extraordinarily huge and just as loud! She did manage to calm down a few minutes after settling into the surprisingly quiet cab. Then she started talking. About the "bombine"! She started turning the steering wheel and putting her handle on the throttle. She was good to go!

Things are a "little" snug when you stick 7 people in a cab meant for 2! So we have decided we need a sidecar. A combine sidecar in John Deere green. That way none of us have to miss out on the action.

Today's machines were working the canola. And canola dust is thick and black. It coats everything. Anything you touch is black. And anything you touch afterwards becomes that same black. RJ figured that out first-hand.

The boys couldn't wait for us to leave and have the cab (and the comfy seats) to themselves. Thus ended the family ride for the year! But it was memorable and we would do it all over again! With 8? Well, that might be pushing it!!

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