Thursday, September 3, 2009

Keepin' It Together!

In the past I have really stuggled to find a method of organizing all the chaos, errrr, I mean events that dominate our lives! I have used day planners, computer programs with alerts, small hanging calendars - all had their limitations and frustrations! Things got missed, events got forgotten - life was not finding the order I really needed. Craved! Until last year. I stumbled upon a calendar called "Mom's Ultimate Family Fridge Calendar"!

It caught my attention for several reasons.

  1. It was designed for moms. And I am a mom. Therefore, it should work. (Fingers crossed)
  2. It was large in size. 18" x 13.5" - lots of space to write lots of things.
  3. It was the ultimate calendar. Said so right on the front. And if it says so it must be so! (Fingers crossed. Again)
  4. It is a fridge calendar. I don't know about your home but the central zone for all people in this house is the fridge. It draws all of us like bees to flowers. Hummers to red. Flies to - well, you get the idea! So a fridge calendar seemed really logical. At least to me.

I took it home with fear and trepidation and started to employ this organizer, this "Mom's Ultimate Family Fridge Calendar"! And it worked! Still works 1 year later. Now I am hooked. I just picked up our 2009-2010 copy of this amazing little life-saver and I cannot wait to transfer all that information from one year to the next! It really is the Ulimate Calendar! Let me share a little bit of it with you.

It has large spaces to write lots of information. Each square measures approximately 2 1/2" x 1 1/2". On my fridge we have a magnetic container that holds Sharpies of various colors. Each of the colors is used for different people or events. With spaces this large and Sharpies of differing colors, a single glance at the calendar yields lots of very useful information. Plus, the calendar comes with over 400 stickers that can be used to identify different activities or events.

The illustrations on the calendar are absolutely adorable and my kids love to see the pictures on each month. Maybe they should have made them less appealing so they would leave my calendar alone! As it is, they love to flip the pages and check out what the cartoons are doing!

This year's edition also included a chore chart for kids. We will see if this particular chart will work for our family but I think it is a great idea!

There are many other great reasons to love this "Mom's Ultimate Family Fridge Calendar"! To learn even more about it and find out where to buy them, check out their website at

Now I must ask: How do you keep track of your busy schedule?


  1. Well, this memory of mine is like a steel trap.
    Yeah. It keeps everything OUT!
    We have a freebie calendar (the kind that you receive in mass quantities in December!) on the wall. That is our "family calendar."
    For myself, I use our computer program calendar that schedules everything from chores, meals, outings, etc.
    Of course, just because it's on a calendar, doesn't mean it gets done :P...

  2. I've used the same "mom" calendar for the past couple of years. I love the large squares too. This year I was thinking of getting the kind where there's a different column for each family member. Although I do like your idea about the colored sharpies. And the chore chart is a nice addition!
    When I'm out somewhere I often wish I could fit my fridge calendar in my bag though. I may need to start carrying a smaller day timer too and keep track of things in both places.

  3. Wow...that is so good to know! I have seen this calendar at Superstore, and wondered if it was any good. Now I know I should get it!

  4. I finally got that exact calendar this year after seeing it at a few of my friend's homes!! I love it. We have such a crazy life between the hubby's work schedule, appointments and all of life's other little things that come up. So I was excited when I saw that we had the same one!!!


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