Friday, September 4, 2009

Celebrate Life

September 2, 2009

So many times these days I hear people complaining. About their age. About getting older. Grumbling that another birthday has come and gone. Wishing they could just stay "young". Now, if you know me at all, I truly believe that being young is far more about your attitude than it is about your age. And my attitude towards birthdays?? I love them! And I am not just talking about the kids' birthdays. I love MY birthday! Well, and Jay's, but especially mine! I act like a big kid waiting for my birthday to finally come then smile a silly smile all day. I mean, think about it! The world was graced with my presence 33 years ago (see, I just admitted my age and I have no problems with you knowing just how old or young I actually am!) - how could I not celebrate??! ☺ As I was driving home from lunch out with a wonderful friend I was thanking God. For making me. For sustaining my life. For keeping me from taking it when I was younger and thinking there was nothing worth living for. For blessing me over and over and over again. Have these years been easy? No, not always. Obviously, when I was younger I hated my life and cried more tears than I care to remember. Over silly things (tomato soup???), over important things, over big and little things. I think I cried more than I smiled. Or maybe I smiled a lot just to hide the tears. Whatever the case, I was sad. A lot. But God sustained me. Kept me in the palm of His hand. And eventually brought joy to my life. More joy than I thought possible. I married an amazing man that I love more than anything. God has blessed me with 5 unbelievable children. I am so overwhelmingly blessed. So, I take this opportunity, this birth day, to say thank you. Thank you, Lord, for knowing me in my mother's womb. For seeing all my faults, my "issues", for seeing all the good and not-so-good things I would do and deciding to give me life anyway! Thank you, mom and dad, for taking care of me. For giving me life and love and faith. Happy Birthday to me!

September 4, 2009

5 years ago I was given the best (belated) birthday present ever in the gift of my son, AJ! He is fire and passion, laughter and silliness, spunk and gentleness all rolled into one! His party is on Sunday but as his birthday is today, he got to choose his supper meal. Waffles (I have never put candles in waffles before but it worked!)! After he opened his present first thing this morning he came to me and told me that the present was the best present ever. Exactly what he wanted! The fun part about having a 5 year-old is that they already have a very defined personality. Strong likes and dislikes. Shopping becomes a bit easier. His present has sat on my closet shelf for months already in anticipation of this day. What was this "best present"? 2 coil-bound sketch pads (large and small), tracing paper, sketching pencils, a kids book on drawing and a Usborne book on machines! Perfect for my tractor-loving artist! And as I watch him draw a tractor carrying a load of bales I cannot help but marvel at this complex child God has put into my life! There is no one in this family that is able to elicit smiles like he can. And no one who can elicit tears as easily either! From the time people laid eyes on him 5 years ago, they said he would be trouble. And they were right! Though I don't really like to say trouble. More like spunk. Fire. Passion. And a whole lot of laughter! Son, I love you so much! I am thankful God put you into our family. And I cannot wait to see what else God will teach me through you! May you grow up to be an amazing man of God, a prayer-warrior, an example to his parents of faith and love, compassion and strength! Happy Birthday, little man!

Now I say - celebrate! Celebrate life!

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