Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Farm Girl Through and Through!

Harvest is in full swing around these prairie lands and it is a time I both anticipate and dread, to some extent or another. I anticipate the time the boys get to spend with their daddy as he helps out his dad with all that harvest time requires - swathing, combining, baling, hauling grain, cultivating, etc, etc. I dread the amount of time he will be gone as he first works at his "day" job and then heads off to the fields for his "night" job! Those days with the kids get particularily long. And a bit harried as I figure out how to feed the kids and their dad as I pack up food to bring to the fields. (I could easily pawn this job off on my mother-in-law who would gladly feed her son. However, I consider this my pleasure!) Jay has no problem taking the boys with him (the girls still think the tractors are too loud!) but yesterday I thought it was my turn! When we were dating and before we had kids, I spent many hours in the tractors with my hubby! Hours talking, watching and just being with the love of my life. I loved the closeness, the intimacy of being "stuck" in such a small space. Things are a little different with all the kids. We have taken every single one for a ride. At the same time! Imagine 6 people squished into the cab of a combine. Or swather. But that's what we do. And we love it! We are just waiting for the right time to take Ari for her first ride. Hopefully soon Jay gets to drive the combine and that will be the ticket to a family ride. 7 people this year! So, anyhow, back to yesterday. I get jealous of the boys and the hours they have spent with their daddy so I figured I paid my dues and it was my turn. We arranged it with MIL that she would watch the kids so I could spend 1 hour with Jay. 1 hour hopping from grain truck to grain truck. 1 hour with my love in the middle of a sunny, busy harvest day! Well, if you know anything about farm life, that 1 hour didn't really happen. It was interrupted. Continually. I maybe spent a 1/2 hour with him. 45 minutes max. Spread over the course of 4.5 hours! But, the time I did spend, was great! I am such a farm girl! I think that my husband is incredible sexy when he drives a grain truck! And every moment I sat beside him I was thanking the Lord for giving him to me. And for giving me this life. This life where the harvest seems to be abundant. In more ways than one. And I am thankful that there will be many more years of being able to sit beside my love and join him in this wonderful life the Lord has given us. This crazy busy life as a farm girl!

Watching the Harvest - Fall 2008


  1. Sounds like so much fun :)! And SEVEN people into the cab of a combine is pretty amazing! Do I sense a Christmas photo opp of you all grinning from ear to ear in the warm September sunshine :)!?

  2. so special chantelle. hope you cna get a little more time with your sweetie soon. Eiley had her first ride last year during harvest. She loved it!

  3. What a lovely post! I have very fond memories of visiting my grandparents farm during harvest. There is nothing like the taste of the food eaten field side on those warm autumn evenings. Bliss.


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