Sunday, May 15, 2011

Roadside Treasure

We were actually ready on time for church this morning (a small miracle!) that we biked. Oh, and the weather was sunny and warm which was another bonus. On the way home from church, I insisted on driving home the other way around the crescent since I needed to stop in at a friend's place. As I continued home (the others had gone on without me), I passed a driveway with a bunch of garbage at the end. As I was driving by, I realized that "garbage" was a french provincial desk!! It is in need of some love and repair (the one drawer front is separated from the drawer itself, it needs repainting and general tightening) but how can you leave a french provincial desk on the side of the road? Especially when it is free? So, I went to the house and knocked on the door, ready to ask if it really was garbage and if it would be okay if I took it. No one was home so I biked home and returned with Jay's truck. The neighbour helped me load the desk and now I have this great new project. Will I keep it? I have no idea! But I can certainly test my furniture-refinishing skills now! Oh, the possibilities! I must admit, this is my first "plucked from the garbage" roadside treasure but it just may have fueled a desire for more! Jay, in all his wisdom, reacted well when I told him of my new find: rather than question the need for more furniture to redo, he simple hugged me and jumped up and down squealing, imitating my reaction! What a great man!

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