Monday, May 9, 2011

French Provincial Furniture Makeovers

It seems that I have finally figured out my own style when it comes to dressing (romantic, dramatic style - my shoe collection sums it up!)

but I am just starting to learn my decorating style. And, it leans towards the traditional, romantic, dramatic style, just like my clothes - go figure! I really, really love the lines of French Provincial(FP)furniture! The curved legs get me every time, the hardware makes a romantic statement with its flourishes and all the curves are divine! My hubby was so so gracious to make two trips into Winnipeg on the same day to pick up two different sets of FP furniture. One is a 6 drawer dresser with mirror and nightstand (circa 1965 - $85)

and one was a 9 drawer dresser with a 3-way mirror and nightstand (circa 1995, solid wood, dove-tailed drawers - $75).

Right now they are taking up a small chunk of space in our garage but I have visions of the beauties they will become (really, they are gorgeous already) once they are painted and sitting in the girls room. I am pretty sure both sets will end up in the girls' new rooms but Pepe is gunning for a set of his own! I have seen some great FP makeovers in blogland so I thought I would share them here with you! The possibilities are endless as to the paint colors you can use, as shown below!

How about this fabulous black dresser with silver pulls? Head on over to Chrissy's Collections to see the surprisingly feminine interior! LOVE the idea of painting the inside a different color than the exterior!

What about a pair of deliciously pink side tables? I am loving the curved drawer fronts and the crisp white hardware. Natalie, of Natty by Design, did a great job transforming these into something memorable!

Feeling like blue is more your color? Kari at Beautiful Inspiration Designs did a fantastic job with a dresser she has had for many years.

What about a heavily distressed turquoise tallboy? Kim from a Brush of Whimsy really showed what you can do to transform a beautiful but bland dresser into one that stands out and is sure to be remembered!

Kim must really like the French Provincial look because she also transformed these end tables! It really is amazing what you can do with a little paint and some elbow grease! She also lined the drawers with some fun paper so be sure to head on over to check it all out!

So, what is your favorite furniture style? Any furniture makeovers in your future? I would love to hear about it!

(PS: Just for your info, I started this post one month ago - it really just takes me that long to get it all finished up! :)


  1. I have been looking for a dresser just like that nine-drawer one you have, but they are really hard to find unpainted. Do you know who the maker of the dresser is? I want to track one down to match my bedroom set. :)

  2. The company who made that 9-drawer one is called the Durham Furniture company (or something like that!). It is a Canadian company, I believe, but you should be able to google it and find out more information that way.

  3. Great finds and it will be fun to fix them up. I too love the curvy lines. Went through my house recently and decided to get rid of all the old heavy boxy stuff I picked up here and there for cheap and replace it with FP pieces secondhand for (hopefully) cheap. I've found almost the entire master bedroom full and a buffet for the living room to use as a TV stand. Having fun and loving the curvy lines!


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