Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not So Brilliant

Some people have the very mistaken notion that I have it all put together! They often refer to me as superwoman and think I can do no wrong! Well, let me just put that myth to rest right now.

First of all, I made a fantastic chicken dish for supper and some super wonderful twisted breadsticks but do you think I made any potatoes or rice or noodles to go with that saucy chicken? Nope. None. So, we had chicken and biscuits (in case you think that vegetables were lacking, green peppers and pineapple were part of the chicken dish).

Then, after sports were over for the night, I drove the 1/2 hour to the grocery store to do grocery shopping. We are seriously low on milk and dishwasher soap (2 ESSENTIALS in a household with 5 children) plus other necessary items. I first stopped at a friend's place to bring her an orchid as she recently lost her grandmother. Between her house and the grocery store it suddenly hit me that I may not have my wallet with me. So, I pulled over and sure enough. No wallet. I had taken it out of my purse to place an order online and not only forgot to put it back, I forgot to check to see if it was actually there before leaving the house. 2 dumb moves. So, I came right back home without any groceries. In the pouring rain. It reflected exactly how I felt. I was sure glad I discovered this before loading up a cart with food! Maybe later this week will be better for me!

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