Monday, May 16, 2011

Hold Me

The alarm clock showed 2 something in the morning when I heard her cries. She was making her way upstairs and into our room, dragging her blanket behind her. The small mattress we keep under our bed for just moments like this was already beside our bed from a late night visitor the night before. I gently laid her on the mattress and wrapped her in her blanket, hoping just the closeness to mom would be enough to ease her to sleep. She remained restless, crying out occasionally. I gently picked her and her blanket up and snuggled her in close beside me in our bed. I wrapped my arms around her and almost instantly a huge sigh escaped her little lips. She fiddled with her blanket, finding just the right spot to hold and seemed to settle. We snuggled for a little while but I suspected she would not fall asleep in my arms. When I asked her if she was ready to go back to her bed, she said "Nya." (yes). I picked her up and cradled her like the baby she no longer is and she allowed me to carry her back to bed. As I was passing through the living room the bright light of the full moon shone on her face and I saw her twinkling brown eyes. She was enjoying this moment with mom. When I brought her to her room and laid her on her bed, she quickly buried herself under her blanket, ensuring nothing was sticking out and fell fast asleep. I couldn't help but think that sometimes I am just like that little 2 year old lady. Sometimes, life gets too complicated. Things aren't going well and I cry out. Nothing is making me happy. Everything in me is full of turmoil. I need Jesus to hold me and wrap his arms around me, just like I held her. Sometimes, being close isn't good enough. I need to be held in those arms of love until the peace returns and I am able to go on. And I am so glad that Jesus is always ALWAYS there whenever I need him and he knows just how to hold me.

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  1. That was a beautiful story and analogy. Made me tear up a little. Thanks for sharing.


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