Friday, May 20, 2011

Kindness from a Brother to a Sister

Sometimes I wonder about the heart of my children. What are they really like? What are they really thinking? In particular, do they really care about each other? So many children today are downright mean to their brothers and sisters. Or if they are not mean, they just don't care about each other. Many times the way they treat each other causes me to wonder and other times I have no doubts. Today as I was working in the country, AJ (6), Ali (3) and Ari (2) were playing together. Ali was pulling Ari in the wagon and AJ was pushing from behind. I am not entirely sure what happened but somehow Ali ended up falling down and hurting herself. I was close enough to see the entire thing transpire but I was in no hurry to run over and comfort her. I wanted to see how AJ would react. Did he cause the injury? Would he comfort her? Would he apologize? What I saw was proof that that little mischievous boy has a great heart inside (which I always suspected but liked the confirmation!). He knelt down in front of her, looked her in the eyes and asked if she was okay. She said no, that she hurt her hands. She held them palm up for him to see. He gently grabbed one, looked at it and kissed her palm. Then he gently grabbed the other one, kissed it and told her it was all better. She smiled, got up and went on playing! My mother's heart just swelled with pride! What a kind child he is! What a great affirmation for me! I have always told people that he is a mischievous boy who likes to make people laugh but a very sweet child. He proved that today! As he meandered over to where I was, I knelt in front of him and told him that I saw what he did. I told him that not only was he so kind to his sister but that I was so proud of him. He smiled his super cute missing-two-front-teeth smile and said, "Oh, I didn't know you were proud of me!" You better believe it, little man! I am very proud of you!

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