Monday, October 12, 2009

White Bunkbeds . . . So Hard To Find!

As I mentioned earlier, the master bedroom should be a retreat. A getaway from the chaos that envelopes the rest of the house. A getaway from the kids. Kinda hard when the youngest kid is sharing that space with you. Eventually we will send her downstairs to share her sisters room but for now she sleeps in our room. Don't get me wrong, I love to look at her sleeping or see her smiling face. It's the snoring that keeps me awake or the babbling I hear that reminds me I have no retreat, no place of my own. In order for her to join her sisters, a different bedding arrangement will need to happen. We already have 2 cribs in that room - adding a playpen just wouldn't work. Too little space. So, we are on the hunt for bunkbeds with a trundle bed. White ones, to be exact. And they are proving to be harder to find than I had thought. Everything white in store is metal. And I don't want metal. I have looked on line. Everything on line is in the USA and won't ship to Canada. Or they will ship if you pay some astronomical price. Finally, last night, Jay found this website and a number of beautiful white bunkbeds. Not exactly cheap but cheaper than the white ones you can custom order at the furniture store. I am also a little particular. No spindles. I want pretty. Feminine. These are some of my favorites:

"Lea Getaway Bunkbed"
I wish the picture showed the footboard or headboard a little better. It looks really lovely but I think the angle is bad. Plus they state that the newest design of these has changed the finials to flat rather than rounded. Do they mean the whole headboard/footboard? Still very lovely.

"Lea Freetime Bunk Bed"
I am not as keen on the squareness of it but still find it charming!

"Lea Caroline Retreat Bunkbed"
Still square but a bit softer looking.

"Tradewins The Hampton Bunkbed"
Really like this one! Is feminine, pretty and has a softness to it!

UPDATE: We decided to order this one. I love the curves, the bun feet, the finials, the wainscot look - RJ saw it and said she wanted to sleep in this bed because it looked cozy!

UPDATED . . . AGAIN: A few days after we ordered this bed, we got an email saying that it is discontinued and not available to ship! Hmmpf! So, we ordered the Lea Carolina Retreat instead. Still has the wainscot look, the bun feet and some curves. Still very pretty. And they gave us a 5% discount for the hassle.

"Lea My Style Bunkbed"
This is gorgeous in black but also comes in a white finish. The headboard and footboard aren't quite as solid as the Tradewins but still beautiful.

Turns out Lea is a Lay Z Boy company and some of these are actually made out of hardwoods. Most of them have other color choices as well. So, at least now we have options. I only have to figure out which one I like best. Which is your favorite?



  1. Lovely choice!! BTW, what's a trundle bed :)?

  2. We found our white trundle bed for our girls on costco's website they have lot's of white and very femine and pretty styles, for a really good price plus free delivery! bonus! Beautiful choice.


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