Monday, October 19, 2009

Keeping It Real - The Laundry

A long while ago I posted a blog about my victory in conquering the laundry. It was my little way of patting myself on the back for accomplishing something that I have not since replicated. As I was down in the pit of laundry this afternoon, I thought it was time to show you the real picture of how laundry usually looks around here. And it certainly doesn't involve empty baskets or hampers. Well, it might if all the laundry is spread on the floor and not yet sorted (which it usually is). Not today. Today I sorted it first then took this picture (so, I guess this is only half real). Here it is:

Yup, 11 loads (because some of those dividers are so jammed full they would fill 2 loads of the washer). And it doesn't contain one piece of J's or my clothing. Just the kids' stuff. And there is no bath towels. Plus I already did 2 loads of bedding. Might be a sign we have too many clothes in this house. Or a maid that is on strike. Most certainly the reason I have never entertained the idea of cloth diapers. But, whatever. Just wanted to keep it real!


  1. Okay. Holey smokers!!! 11 loads is crazy!! I'd get so overwhelmed I'd have no clue where to start! And then everyone would be outta undies, and that would just get nasty!!.... Good luck with that!!

  2. My washer and dryer used to be in my kitchen and I would complain about not being able to hide it, now it is in my basement and I complain about the huge spiders that hide in it. I probably shouldn't complain so much, but although it isn't exactly spelled out in Genesis laundry was part of the curse of the fall. The last time I was caught up with laundry it was because we were behind by 30 loads and we (my whole family of 7) spent the day at the laundromat out of desperation!!


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