Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lists, Lists, Lists

I know the "good" thing to do when trying to organize your day is to make a list of all the things that need accomplishing then start at the top and work your way down. Check, check, check when all is done. A feeling of great accomplishment is achieved! Not so much for me. I think about all that needs to be done, and the list is ALWAYS loooooooong, and I get so overwhelmed, I skip the list and accomplish nothing. One of my friends mentioned a slightly altered way of doing the list and so I am going to try that for this week. Her suggestion was this - make your list but then number it in order of priority. Duh! Why didn't I think of that? So, here is my list for the week, numbered in order of priority. I will renumber it each day, just in case something more urgent pops up but I will try to maintain these same items. Hopefully by the end of the week, the list is finished.
  1. Make supper (you like how I have to put this on the list? 5 pm rolls around and I have simply FORGOTTEN to make supper. I have had this jar of dry chili mix sitting on the counter for days. Today is the day!)
  2. Put away laundry (the laundry that has been sitting in the basket for days).
  3. Clean up my bedroom. (I believe your bedroom should be a sanctuary, a retreat from the chaos that envelops the rest of the house. Our bedroom is the worst room in the house, well, next to the office. See #4).
  4. Clean up the office.
  5. Vacuum carpets. (The only carpets in our house are in our bedroom and the office. Which are so messy you cannot really see the floor. Thus, #3 and #4.)
  6. Clean up garage from the garage sale.
  7. Post maternity clothes online.
  8. Decorate for fall. (This I would rather have at #1 and then skip the rest of the list).
  9. Clean bathrooms. (They are okay for now but won't be when I actually get to this!)
  10. Sort lego. (Subject for another post another day!)

This list doesn't include the obvious like teach school, get dressed, make breakfast, breathe. Maybe it should. Then I could check something off!

Wish me luck!


  1. #3 is a constant struggle for me. I love how peaceful and welcoming it feels when our room is all tidy and clean. And how can I expect our kids to keep clean rooms when I'm not setting a good example! Thanks for kicking my butt into gear. :)

  2. Ah lists. It's a love-hate relationship, really :). But these days, if it's not written down, I forget it even exists. Even if it's crunching under my feet on the floor :). And I really hate that 5:00 dinner bell and everything even remotely interesting to eat is frozen and requires effort to assemble!


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