Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Froze My Fingers for This? (also known as Garage Sales)

What better way to spend a cold October day then to sit in a garage packed with kids clothes and hope that the people wandering in and out buy way more clothing than they possibly need just so you don't have to pack it back up again!! Well, that is exactly what we did today! Our town decided that the spring town-wide garage sale went over so well that a fall one would be just as successful. Initially it was supposed to happen last Saturday, when it was warm and sunny. The date got changed to protect those walkers and runners participating in a walk/run marathon held throughout our town on that warm and sunny Saturday. We got the cold drizzly Saturday. That would be today. But, hey, we were all out there as a family, bundled in layers and longjohns, watching people trail in and out without buying hardly a thing. So, yes, there is way, and I mean waaaaaaaaay too much clothing to be packed up again. A discussion must be had on how long one can stash and store then sort and sell, stash and store then sort and sell. It gets kind of tiring after a while. And we could certainly use the storage space.

While waiting for people to empty their wallets on our behalf, I took our oldest son and oldest daughter, along with my mom, for a little shopping of our own. And what treasures we found!

My little diva daughter first found a princess purse and wallet (which Nana graciously bought), then a pair of sunglasses ,which she expertly perched on her head like the teenager she pretends to be (oh, what am I going to do when that girl grows up??!!), and finished the shopping off with pink princess slippers trimmed with fluffy pink "feathers". She was set.

My son found nothing to suit his desires so a quick trip to the local MCC thrift shop afforded him the opportunity to buy a motorcycle toy complete with rider (which he promptly dropped and broke - now we have to convince daddy he can fix it).

And me? Well, I found two wonderful little treasures. The first is a purse I bought knowing my daughter will be green with envy. What can I say? We both have a taste for things that sparkle. Girly things. And this purse is oh-so-girly!! Even better, it was only $1.

Secondly, I found these fabulous antique wooden bobbins. 5 for the grand price of $10. What a deal!! I have always loved the look of these spools but never thought they would grace my home. I am not sure exactly where to put them but for now they grace the side table beside my couch. Sort of a fusion of old and worn and new and modern. I can totally see the little people in my house grabbing these and using them for weapons but I will deal with that later!

If it were up to me, I would spend much more time at garage sales. I love the thrill of the hunt, the pursuit of a deal (I am not the type to barter for a better price - either I like the price or I don't - either I will pay what you ask or I won't, simple as that). I also love looking at people's houses, seeing what type of people live where, what do the "rich" people sell, that sort of thing! However, driving from one house to the next in that pursuit loses a bit of its desire when you have to bring 5 little people with you. Somehow it is not quite so appealing when it takes longer to get everyone in and out then it does to actually shop. Maybe some day.

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  1. I too enjoy a good garage sale. Even better when it's only me I have to watch out for :). Great treasures!!


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