Monday, July 16, 2012

Owner Building a Home - Day 43 - Yet Again . . .

It never ceases to amaze me what a good Sunday afternoon nap can do for my mind and my body!  It is so incredibly refreshing and allows me to work hard and long during the week, knowing Sunday is coming!  With yesterday's wonderful nap, I was totally ready to face the day today.

In regards to the bracing in the roof trusses, the engineer requires certain braces and the fact that we will be craning up the roof requires certain braces.  We had previously installed some of the bracing and finished most of the rest of it today.  The inside of those trusses looks like a really bad maze with pieces of wood going every which way.  The hardest part was installing the 16' 2x10's at the very top of the inside of the trusses.  Those are heavy pieces of wood and you need to hold them over your head while someone nails them on all the while balancing on some truss.  It wasn't easy but together with the taller guys we were able to do it.  Those 2x10 braces are what the crane will hook on to when lifting the roof so it was important to install them and then nail them over and over and over again.  I am the shortest person on the site so it is so helpful to have 2 young guys who are both close to 6' tall.  There are many times I need their extra few inches to accomplish what we need to do. 

When we weren't installing the bracing, we were continuing to sheet the roof.  Now all the sheeting for the main roof is finished as far as we can go.  The whole room over the garage needs to be sheeted next so that will happen sometime later this week.  Jay continued to shingle the roof and I continue to love looking at those shingles.  It was so much cooler today, by about 10 degrees, and it makes it so much more comfortable to work, especially with black shingles.  There were moments of frustration on Jay's part as he forgot some steps in the shingling process and had to undo some things but that is all part of the "fun".  Maybe tomorrow they will let me shingle!

In one week, we have the crane booked to come and lift the roof.  4-5 work days left to accomplish all that needs to be done to be ready for 8am Monday morning.  It is certainly in the back of our minds each day.  Maybe there will be some evenings of work ahead of us this week.

* No photos today as I forgot the battery for the camera on the charger at home.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow. *

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