Saturday, July 14, 2012

Owner Building a Home - Day 42 - {More} Sheeting & Shingling

Though the day started out fine for me, it quickly went downhill.  There was a very simple task I was supposed to accomplish and it just. wasn't. happening.  I think I had to redo attaching that one piece of wood about 4 times.  For some reason it felt a zillion times hotter today and I couldn't think and all I wanted to do was go home.  I kept telling myself to just buck up and do it but pep talking didn't work.  I eventually left it all where it lay and went to weed.  Weeding is my therapy.  It works to calm me down and allow me to see reason yet again.  I have been transplanting perennials from my flower beds here at home and moving them to the country for the past couple of years.  They grow superbly well at the country thanks to the talented gardener that inhabited the yard previously (well, he at least knew how to make really good dirt!).  However, with all the work on the house, I have not been weeding the plants.  Except for the flowers sticking out here and there, you wouldn't know there was anything of value to see.  So, I had at it and weeded most of the plants and then set up a sprinkler.  Once the weeding was done and I had downed a can of Pepsi I was ready to get back to work. 

However, I still moved sluggishly and was easily distracted.  I was trying to sheet a 12/12 pitch roof and only slid off it once (unintentionally) so I am mighty glad it is on the ground.  I didn't accomplish much today and I didn't really care.  I am sure Monday will be much better!

Once again, the kids were at grandma/pa's house.  It is not safe for them to be outside so long in such heat and humidity so they usually spend the morning with us and then lunch and the afternoon at grandma's.  And since grandma has 5 of these:

there is no competition for where they want to be, as it evident on this animal-lover's face.

Proof of their activity around the site still exists and they have discovered that sawdust works just as well as sand!

Through it all, Jay was steady, unwavering and determined to continue shingling.  And he is doing a fantastic job!  Even though it looks like he missed a spot or two, remember, that is where the two sections of roof will be separated in order to be lifted.  The shingles will be filled in later.

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  1. I love love the look on Adlai's face!! And it sounds like a Sabbath rest has come at just the perfect time! Hope your tomorrow is restful and sweet, and a great way to start the week!!


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