Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 33 - A Day in the Life of a Framer

I thought I would write this post a little differently.  Rather than tell you what I did, I thought I would try to show you.

In case you are not Canadian, today is a holiday since yesterday was Canada Day.  Stores are closed, people are off from work and out at the lake, and everyone relaxes for a weekend.  Not us!  Well, okay, I turned off the alarm and "slept in" and only arrived on site at 11am instead of 10am.  How is that for a vacation?

When I got to the house, the temperature looked like this (and actually rose to hit 40C [104F]):

so I plugged in this (the slight breeze made the heat a little more bearable):

and got to know this real well:

I did a whole bunch of this:

in order to put the walls together and eventually do this:

(The tan and muscles are a wonderful side benefit of framing in the sun!)  In between I misplaced my hammer, looked for my measuring tape, took off a wall I had partially secured because I forgot to put up poly, redid a door way because I made it the wrong size, soaked through my shirt and shorts with sweat, and went to my MIL's for lunch (where the kids were escaping the heat).  Just before lunch, the weather started changing and the temperature started dropping.  It came down to 32C (90F).  Just after lunch, the temperature was 27C (80F) and there was a severe thunderstorm watch in effect.  We got a few drops of rain, the sky was overcast for a while and it was actually pleasant to work.  Then the sun came back out and the temperature rose again to 32C (90F) and once again I was drenched in sweat.  But, at the end of the day, Jay and I finished this:

and we are mighty proud of ourselves.  The end.  At least for today.

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  1. You are Wonder-Woman! This is so awesome to watch this come together. I'm blown away!


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