Monday, July 9, 2012

Owner Building a Home - Day 38 - Working on the Roof

Hot.Again.  It has been almost 30C (86F) everyday for the past 2 weeks and each day this week is forecast to be above 32C (90F), possibly reaching 36C (97F).  However, it is not a dry heat, it is humid so when they say it is 30C it may have a humidex of 40C, meaning though the thermometer only reads 30C it feels much, much hotter.  And those temperatures are in the shade.  Add about 10 degrees to get the temperature in the sun.  Now imagine working and sweating in the direct sun and it isn't the most fun I have ever had but it is okay.  We drink lots of water and work in the shade whenever we can.  And we are building our own house so what more can I say?

Today we continued working on the roof.  Our pastor was so gracious to come and spend a number of hours helping us out - what a blessing that is.  The guys put in place the remaining trusses and then we did all sorts of other "little" but important jobs like building the overhangs on the gables (ends) of the roof, sheeting the gables, and bracing the insides of all the trusses.  Only a few braces are actually required by the engineer but since we are going to be craning the roof up in 3 sections next week Thursday (the main part of the house, the master bedroom/bathroom/closet part, and the garage) we are adding a bunch more to ensure everything stays just where it should.

It wasn't a hard day by any means nor a physically demanding day but when it is as hot as it has been, every day is a draining day and you are tired by the end.

Just in case you think my life is all house (and for the most part, you are right), Jay and I picked most of the remaining cherries off our Carmine Jewel Cherry bush (which is 10'x10' and required a veritable fortress to protect the cherries from the birds) last night and the grand total of cherries picked this year is just shy of 30lbs!  That is a whole lot of wonderfully fresh cherries.  After some research yesterday and today, I have decided to dehydrate some, make sour cherry pie filling and sour cherry sauce and jelly.  Now I am going to go and pit cherries for the next who-knows-how-many-hours so that I can send some cherries to my MIL tomorrow when she will dehydrate them for me and the rest of the pitted cherries I will freeze so I can make those recipes at a later date when I actually have time.

PS:  No pictures today since all my camera SD cards are full and I have this thing about not erasing any of the pictures until they are all printed and then saved to a CD.  The fact that I have at least 3 SD cards full of pictures (and one is 8GB) should tell you how long it has been since I printed any photos.  Here's hoping I can print some on Wednesday when I have to be in the city anyway.

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