Saturday, June 16, 2012

Exterior Views of House - Main Level - Framed Only

Once again we had plenty of rain today so we hardly worked on the house at all.  But Jay and I were able to get the final exterior wall lifted and standing and then just barely started on the interior walls.

I figured since we have finished framing the exterior walls of the main floor, I would show you all of them and tell you what each one is.

Front of house - faces south - left window is the school room, right window is the dining room and the center is the front door.
West side of house - large window is in the living room, blank wall is the school room

Back of house - faces north - from left, the first window is in the laundry room, large blank space between that window and the next is a bathroom and a pantry,  2nd & 3rd windows are in the kitchen, the 4th opening is the patio door in the livingroom and the far right window is also in the livingroom

East wall - window is in the mudroom, the blank wall is the laundry room.

This is where the garage will be located and the door opening you see is the door from the garage into the house (the mudroom).

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