Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 12 - Starting Floor Joists with "Mrs.Muscle"

Early this morning Mr.B called to say he was sick.  No problem, Jay and Mr.W and I could handle the joists.  When I arrived at just after 11am, the first thing I heard was, "Here comes the muscle!"  Uh, oh!  Since when am I considered "muscle"?  Well, when Jay's back renders him almost useless!  So, with Mr.B sick and Jay seriously needing a chiropractor, I was Mr.W's sidekick.  Really, he did most of the work himself but I was needed to cut some joists and some rim boards and help move the joists in place. 

I am really beginning to feel like a construction worker when I walk along the top of the wall and on top of the joists.  I am not quick by any means because I keep thinking that I am the mother of 5 and must not fall.  I am walking on wall that is 13" wide and 9'4" tall - it doesn't make me nervous, just cautious!

We also installed the 2-ply LVL beam that runs under the entrance, spanning about 12'.  We managed to get all the joists attached that did not need the steel beam for support.  Once we got as far as we could, Mr.W went home and Jay and I removed the bracing for the Fox Blocks.  Since the wall is poured and the joists are being installed, there is no reason for it anymore.  We had dismantled it throughout the day and then returned it to its rack just in time for the truck that was delivering the steel beam to take the bracing back.  With it being 30C today, it was hot and no one was really that excited about working.  Well, I was but I am a bit of a keener!  Tomorrow we continue and possibly finish with the joists but we need the steel beam in place first.  Since the crane is arriving at 8am to move it in place and AJ would be visibly upset if he couldn't watch, I better get going to make some food for breakfast.  It will be muffins and fruit salad at the site!

In case you were wondering what area of the house that is that currently has the floor joists, it is the mudroom, laundry room and "farm" bathroom.  Where you can see the one joist higher than the rest is where you take a step up to the remaining areas of the main floor.  The garage on the picture above would be to the left of the house.  On the picture below, the garage would be to the right.

PS:  Thank you so much for taking the time to check out this house-building journey we are on.  If you ever have any questions or comments or just want to say "hello", feel free to comment or drop me an email!


  1. You make building a house look so easy! :)

  2. Oh...soo fun! I really am enjoying your posts! We are thinking of you and know that this is such a dream come true! Blessings!



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