Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 20 - The Sun Came Out and the Walls Went Up and the Hills Came a Tumblin' Down!

Yesterday it was supposed to rain.  It didn't.  Today it was supposed to rain.  It didn't.  Well, to be honest, it hardly rained at all.  Can't even call it rain.  So for the lack of rain, I am so very thankful.  Because when the rain is gone and the sun is shining, progress is made!

This morning the guys framed out part of the chimney chase for our fireplace.  That wall currently stands 15'+ tall (and is still not done).  They also finished framing the looooong wall we started yesterday.  When I arrived late morning, we stood those two walls up.

First, the fireplace wall.  The wall that kept Mr.W awake at night as he tried to figure out the best way to frame it!  With a slight wind to our disadvantage, we really had to ensure that the wall did not blow over the other way.  But this is not the first time Mr.W has lifted a practically impossible wall and he has learned a few things about how to do it the best way ensuring no one gets injured, right Mr.W?  :)  With all the correct bracing in place, that wall went up without a hitch!

Then it was time to add the two small side walls - those were much lighter so I could stand back and watch as the guys moved them in place.  Remember, they are still over 15' tall.

After the fireplace chase was up, it was time to lift the long north wall of the house.  The section we were lifting was only part of the 60' wall - it was about 45' long.  A wall like that either takes many people to lift successfully or you could use these wonderful inventions called wall jacks.  They practically lift the wall for you.

The jacks are put onto a long 2x4 which is anchored to a 2x10 which is anchored to the floor joists.  You crank that handle up and down and the jack climbs up that 2x4 which, in turn, lifts the wall.  Jay was manning one jack and Mr.W was manning the other while Mr.B helped on one end of the wall.  Once they got the wall up a certain amount, I manned the other side.

The wall went up so nicely!

Once those walls were up, Jay hopped back onto the tractor and was actually able to back fill around the house, in spite of all the rain we received.  Another reason I am very thankful!

While he was doing that, I framed the remaining 15' foot north wall and Mr.B added the plywood to cover the small section of floor joists that was left open in order to add more gravel to the basement if needed.  Jay added the gravel last night so now the basement should have enough and the floor can be closed.  Mr.W was marking out the locations for the interior walls and playing tetris on his phone!  Just kidding.  He stands around a lot and it looks like he isn't doing anything but he is doing the hardest work of all, figuring out the measurements for everything, doing a whole pile of math and helping us out whenever we run into a snag.  We couldn't do any of this without him.  He is another reason I am thankful!

Once that last wall was framed, Mr.W and Jay stood it up.  Now the entire 60' north wall is up and we have only a couple of small exterior walls left to frame before we have framed the entire exterior of the main floor!  That is super exciting!

Once all the work for the day was finished and the guys were gone, the kids came up to explore the new house.  We are quite strict about letting them come up there.  Usually it is only Pepe that gets to come and it is at our request.  Other than that, they are not allowed in the house due to the amount of work being done and tools being used.  It isn't safe.  But when the work stops and the tools are turned off, they can explore under my supervision.  They were thrilled to be able to explore their new house and figure out what each window was for.  I can only imagine how much more excited they will be once the interior walls are framed, too!

At the end of the day, all the walls we framed are standing, the back fill is complete, the assessor made her progress inspection, the sun is shining and my heart is filled with thanksgiving.  Thank you, Lord, for such a wonderful day!

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