Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 22 - Starting Interior Walls - Main Floor

When we just barely started the interior walls last Saturday, I guess I kinda forgot that meant we would be completing them today and tomorrow!  It was such a pleasant surprise to me to see the school room framed when I arrived mid-morning.  The guys had framed the school room and had cut out the stair opening (and added many guard rails due to all the little people that end up in the house at some time or another).

The powder room walls had already been framed but were not yet standing so that was the first thing I did.  Jay and I lifted and secured the powder room walls.

Then for the rest of the day, I worked on framing the pantry walls.  I had hoped to get the bathroom and laundry room (another 2 walls) done as well but I only barely started so that will be finished tomorrow.  What was really neat is that Mr.W gave me the instructions for framing the walls - he gave me a few pointers and reminders and then left me at it!  I love the "student/teacher" relationship.  If we do something different than he does, he always takes time to explain why his way is best.  And it always makes complete sense.  So much better than , "Just do it this way because I said so!"  Since Jay was busy doing other things, Pepe was my helper - and a very good one, at that!

Jay was busy working with Mr.B to cut and bundle the joists that will be hoisted up for the second floor tomorrow.

We were having so much fun today (even though it was cool, cloudy and rainy all day) we even went back to the site after baseball to try to finish up.  Turns out you work a lot slower when it is dark and you cannot see anything.  That was a good sign it was time to quit for the day.

Now that I see the rooms framed, I am able to visualize the space better than before.  For instance, the school room looks to be the perfect size - not too big or too small.  And I think the pantry is huge (which I love).  The living room looks small, in my opinion, but once it is all finished and decorated with furniture, I will get a better feel for it.  However, the whole kitchen/dining room/living room area is open and I think altogether it looks big and spacious.  When Jay asked me what I thought of the various rooms, I told him it was fantastic because it was bigger than what we have now so with that attitude, it is all wonderful!

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