Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 18 - Framing Continues . . .

It has rained everyday since last week Thursday - that makes 5 days in a row!  Enough rain, I say.  Especially since we already received right around 2 inches AND we cannot work when it is raining.  Then today dawned, bright and dry, and we eagerly made our way back to the site to work as many hours as we possibly could to make up for lost time!  We spent the entire day framing exterior walls and it was so productive.  I love the repetitiveness of framing walls.  There are soooo many details to remember but I would say I am more of a detail person so it is quite enjoyable for me.  We were using my brother-in-law's cordless Paslode framing nailer and I am much more comfortable with it than with the other air-powered framing nailers.  I find it less heavy and a little more precise which makes it easier for me.

We worked a long day today thanks to the generous help of my mother-in-law who had the kids at her house most of the day and fed them lunch and us supper.  We left when the sun was starting to set but we are so glad to have accomplished what we did.  Now to rest up for another busy day tomorrow, provided it doesn't rain, that is!

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