Friday, December 3, 2010

Inspiration Pictures - Kitchen

Yesterday we had our first meeting with our draftsman to start drawing up plans of our next home, our dream home, Project 2012! Do I hear a squeal out there? There is a lot of those happening here. So very exciting! He even told us we will probably have preliminaries in our hand by the weekend! So with all this talk of drawing up plans, the kitchen is front and center in my brain, right where it usually is. There is probably not a day that goes by when I don't think about that part of the home, that kitchen. So much of our time is spent in that place it needs to be well thought out and functioning perfectly. It must be spacious enough for all 7 of us to work and move around without always stepping on someone's toes or squishing each other together. There must be a larger than a 3' piece of unbroken counter. Other priorities are (and I am only mentioning those I don't currently have):

  • full fridge/full freezer
  • 5 burner (minimum) gas range
  • double electric wall oven
  • prep sink
  • island
  • bar counter with seating for 5 (minimum)
  • lots of counter space
  • upper cabinets to the ceiling
  • window in the kitchen
  • no deck/patio door in the kitchen
  • a pot filler by the stove

With that said, here are some inspiring photos I have found through the last number of years and stored on my computer. I don't know where they all came from but will try to give credit where I can.

I like the color of the cabinets above but would probably lean a little lighter yet. I love the glass doors on the very upper cabinets. Photo from Decor Cabinets

I love this range hood!

This photo above is my favorite as the layout is pretty much identical to what we have in mind. I love the square "box" above the island that sets apart the light fixture and makes it stand out! Really want to do that. And I have the light fixture already! See?

(PS: This was a great clearance deal for $69.93 at Canadian Tire in Steinbach. In Winnipeg, they are still selling them at the regular price of $249.99!)

Same kitchen as last photo. I love how the range is centered behind the island. I wouldn't go with all solid doors or this color but I really like the layout of this kitchen because it feels so right.

These cabinets are closer in color to what I want, complete with black island cabinets. I also love the beadboard.

I like the pillars on the island and by the stove. I like the paneled look on the end of the wall ovens. I like the vent hood.

I tend to like the French Country look but know that that ornate is not going to happen. But I like the look anyway!

As you can tell, I am a traditional girl when it comes to my kitchen. How about you? What style of kitchen would fit in your dream home?


  1. hehee Your second and third from the bottom pictures are ones that I used for inspiration for my kitchen and craft room in my house too. Great minds...or we just have similar taste.

  2. Hmmm. My Dream Kitchen - would include an island with pendant lighting above, natural lighting as well as ambience lighting (on a dimmer switch, just for fun!), fun gadgets such as a tap that always has hot water ready for tea, a pull out drawer for my toaster so that it NEVER has to sit on the counter :), a large pantry with a special spot for my broom so that it doesn't have to go beside the fridge and constantly fall out and bang on the floor (or hit a small person on their head), I would have a built in desk area that had a self-tidy mechanism!!, nice bright colors and someone who would come in every day and wash the dishes! Not sure what "style" it would be, exactly, except that it would be comfy, cozy and spacious :).


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