Friday, December 10, 2010

Gifts for My Sunday School Kids

Last year I made these delightful little dolls for my sweet Sunday School girls. This year I have 6 little ladies and one little gentleman that I teach (age 2-4) every Sunday morning and I count it a privilege to be a part of their lives in that way. I wanted to make something special for each of them so this is what I made. Obviously these are very girly so the one I am making for the little man is not so frilly and not at all pink. The girl's clipboards are all a variation of pink, black and white with their initial at the bottom in sparkly pink chipboard.

I am also planning to make some notepads with something like "From the Heart of RJ" on the top and putting it on the clipboard for them to have some doodle paper. You could also use these boards as picture holders. They would easily hold a 4"x6" or 5"x7" photo and you could just hang it from the clamp already on the board.

I found these clipboards at a dollar store for $1.29 each and picked up a bunch of coordinating paper and ribbon. The backs of the boards I just painted black. If you need instructions on how to make these, just let me know. I found a couple of suggestions online and then just had at it! I love how they turned out and my girls cannot wait to get theirs (they are 2 of those 6 little ladies)!

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