Friday, July 2, 2010

My Latest MCC Treasures!

It really does pay to pack up the kids and visit the local (very, very good!) thrift store at least once a week, if not twice! I went on Tuesday and again today! On Tuesday I didn't buy one.single.thing! Very, very unusual! In fact, that may be a first. Today, however, was different! I bought some paint, some 3' (?) spindles that will come in handy somewhere at sometime, a gardening book and two of these:

I love them! They have a leopard look to them, which I totally adore! They glow ever so nicely when they are lit and they make a little bit of a look-at-me statement! Somewhere in the next house they will find their home. For now, they will stay in the box. Oh, and the price? $4 each. Yup, that is a bargain I can live with. I found a very similar one at Home Depot for about $30 so $4 is about 85% less! They were in a box that bore the picture of another pendant light but one that is really plain. Boring. I assume these were a little too "wild" for their liking! Their loss, my gain!

In order to easily test and see if these light fixtures I buy actually work, my wonderful hubby created a little "pigtail" for me. That way I don't have to wire the lights to see them in action.

All he did was take an old cord with a plug at the end and expose some wires for me while leaving about a 6' piece attached to the plug. I just join the exposed wires on that "pigtail" to the wires on the light fixture, plug it in and VOILA! However, you must make very sure the black and white wires don't touch each other. Remember, this is just a temporary thing to test the light! So, have you found any treasures lately?

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