Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Messenger Bags in Shades of Pink and Brown

I have about a million things to do before we leave next week for our Minneapolis vacation. Some of those things include cleaning (so the kind neighbour checking in on the place doesn't die from a heart attack at the mess that ensues around here), laundry (so we actually have clean clothes to wear while we are gone), making jam (yeah, not related to the trip but 27 jars is quite a feast - Bluebarb, Triple Berry and Carmine Jewel Cherry Jelly with some Raspberry to go), making cheesecake (for our homeschool co-op meeting tomorrow), cleaning out the van, packing, paperwork, attending my 10 year college reunion this weekend, having a photo shoot for a farming magazine, etc, etc, etc. While I was making this never ending list of things that need to be completed, I decided to add some sewing in there! By now you should know that I like to keep busy. Maybe a little too busy! Anyhow, here are the messenger bags I made for the girls. They needed a trip bag, a bag full of new (at least to them), fun and wonderful things to keep them entertained on the 7-8 hour van ride. I bought a kit a long time ago, sometime last year, and the kit contained all the fabric needed to make these two bags (or a wall hanging, a mini quilt or a pillow cover). I love how they turned out! Which one is your favorite? I am still trying to figure out mine!

1 comment:

  1. Very pretty, though I can't choose a favorite :).
    Where'd you get the kits?


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