Friday, July 2, 2010

"Welcome Home" Gripset

As usual, when we get into Steinbach for some grocery shopping, I try to get to Liquidation World (LW) . I mentioned that store in an earlier post when I found a few wonderful Project 2012 goodies there. Well, I added to the collection today! As we were wondering around, I had just popped some collapsible fabric storage baskets ($5.88 ea) for the girls into the cart when I spotted this:

We now have our entrance gripset! I love that the hardware series is called "Welcome Home" by Weiser and it makes me extra excited for building our house! This is the door handle every guest who graces our home will use! This is one of the first things they will see when they step on our porch and stare at our door, waiting for us to answer! It is starting to become more real with every piece we buy. And it is still 2 years away. I think Pepe is beginning to realize there is going to be a lot of shopping for the next house because he asked just how many things for the next house we needed to buy! Anyhow, at $88.88, once again, this is a bargain of a price. I found the same gripset in a different finish at Home Hardware for $179.99. So, once again, we saved over 50% off the regular retail price! Yippee!
And, finally, I bought 29 packages of upholstery nails! They are made by the Bulldog Hardware Company of Memphis, TN, they come in 3/4 oz clamshell packs, and are nickel colored. At about 20 nails per pack, I have over 550 upholstery nails to use somewhere at sometime. At $0.25 a package, it was too good to pass up! That's only $7.25, people! So, once again, a trip to LW was worth every penny!

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