Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gifts for Baby

As I mentioned yesterday, things have been busy this week with, amoung other things, babies! Some friends of ours, who have prayed long and hard for a child of their own, welcomed their son into their arms this week, a little earlier than planned! That happened on Tuesday. The day before, on Monday, August 10, my sister gave birth (at home - she follows in my footsteps as all my babies were born at home - subject for another post??) to her daughter, Noabella. So now my Ali and her Noa have the same birthday, 2 years apart! How fun is that?! I got to see this little sweetheart on Thursday and brought her mom a couple of handmade gifts.

First of all, I made a name plaque for Noabella. I don't know what it is but I have a thing for seeing names on things, especially the names of my children or the children of others. I found some extra MDF kicking around the garage, cut it into an 18" x 6" piece, spray painted it with a hammered brown paint by Rustoleum, and then stenciled and painted Noabella's name in ivory. The final touch was the tiny rhinestones accenting the "N"! For a last minute gift, I think it turned out rather nice!

Secondly, I made a nursing cover for her. I chose muted fabrics that still spoke of femininity without screaming "baby" - she is not so keen on the juvenile prints. I think she was quite happy with it. I used the following tutorial to make it - it was very easy to make!!
The only thing I would do differently next time would be to make it about 2 inches wider and longer - other than that, it is perfect!!

It felt so good to be able to MAKE the gifts rather than just BUY them. I hope she enjoys them as much as I enjoyed creating them!


  1. You are so talented. The name plaque is beautiful! You could sell those and make a fortune.

  2. The handmade gifts are beautiful!!! Amazing!! Must be so meaningful for the receiver, especially with how busy you must be!,to take the time to handmake something special. Thank you again, for taking the time to share with us readers how you made them, inspiring!! :)

  3. Sorry I haven't checked your blog in a while - I was kinda busy having a baby! Yes, the name plaque is awesome - I put it in Noa's room and it looks fantastic on the shelf where I've displayed some items I've either made for her or purchased for her. And I haven't had a chance to use the nursing cover yet but I'm sure I will soon - gotta get better at nursing first! Actually, to be perfectly honest, the best gifts were the "extras" you threw in - the cream and the items for baby's tummy came in awfully handy and continue to do so. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Nic and Noa


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