Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Night Fun!

Sunday rolls around and the excitement builds as we contemplate the adventures that lay ahead! Today, surprisingly, it was warm and sunny with no rain in the forecast (we have had way more rain than we need and not nearly enough sun - summer has been more like winter in BC - cold and wet)! Obviously an outdoor activity was needed. Since we spent a bit of money on bowling last week we decided to go the free route and went park hopping! Winnipeg has many, many parks and many, many play structures that are free for the visiting! We made sure to visit 2 of them! Looking for fun places to take your kids on a limited budget? Most public elementary schools have fantastic play structures in great condition, each one a bit different from the next! My kids are at the age where finding new structures is like finding their very first structure - it is that thrill and excitement all over again! We ended the evening with icecream, most of which was free! Pepe had a free Frosty coupon from playing baseball and the next two had DQ coupons! We bought 2 more icecreams and we were set! A beautiful, fun, free (for the most part),family night!

Little monkeys!

Anything the boys can do, I can do (better?!)

Me and my little people!

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  1. What a fantastic idea! And any stop that includes ice cream :P - YUM!


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