Friday, August 28, 2009

Make My Heart Sing!

Sounds. Loud sounds (firetrucks, honking horns, screaming kids). Quiet sounds (whispers, birds singing, an empty house). Good sounds (oven timer indicating supper is ready, "Welcome to DQ. May I take your order, please?"). Bad sounds (breaking glass, crying kids) . Sounds you could live without (passing gas, burping). Sounds you can't wait to hear again. That is what this post is about - those sounds that make you smile, make your heart sing. Those sounds you hear throughout the day that cheer you up and change your whole outlook on life - or at least on the day. My favorite sounds (in no particular order)?
  1. laughing children - from the giggles of a 6-month old to the belly laughs of a 6-year old, I can't get enough laughter! I will do whatever it takes to elicit the laugher response, over and over again, no matter how foolish or silly it may be because almost nothing compares to the sound of laughter.
  2. the loud rumble of Jay's truck as he arrives home - this can elicit 2 separate responses, depending on the type of day I experienced. It may be relief that someone has finally come to rescue me from the chaos or it may be elation that my best friend has come back again. Whatever the case, I always love to hear that old truck rumble down our street and crunch on the gravel as he finally arrives home.
  3. the distinct "pop" of a can of Pepsi opening - this is my favorite beverage that I try to consume in moderation due to the fact there is not one iota of anything beneficial in it. In fact, I refer to it as poison, really, really good poison! I rarely have any at my house but I think my in-laws own shares in the company - they stock pile it, literally! So, every once in a while Jay brings home a can for me. And the thrill is immediate. And intensely satisfying!
  4. the words "I love you" - there is nothing like hearing a 2-year old tell you she loves you, imitating your exact intonation as she states (or maybe just repeats, but I will take it any way I can!!), "I lu loo!" Well, maybe it falls right in place with hearing all the rest of the kids say it, too! But that first time. Or the first few times. I remember the first time I heard Jay tell me he loved me. More than 10 years ago. I was so unsure of what he felt but so confident of my own feelings. I never have to guess now. "I love you" is a part of our daily lives. And it thrills my heart. Every time!

I am sure there are more but these are some of the sounds that made my heart sing. Has your heart sung today?

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