Monday, May 28, 2012

More Items for the House

Today I didn't work at the house at all.  Jay was there for the morning but home all afternoon since I went on a date with my mom - lunch, pedis and shopping is a delightful way to spend a rainy afternoon (if it had been hot and sunny I might have thought more about being at the property, but since it was rainy, I hardly thought of it at all!).

In between all the work at the property and all the work here at home, I have been continuing to scour the Internet and fliers for the necessary items we need to finish out the house.  The past couple of weeks have proved to be productive as I have added the following items to our inventory.  Well, technically some are still waiting for me to pick them up and some are in shipment as I write but I have paid for them so they are mine!

We now have one of these for the island in the kitchen:

2 of these for the master bathroom:

1 of these for the master shower:

More of these for the doors:

And a few of these:

And these for the kitchen cabinets:

All rather lovely things that I look forward to seeing installed in the house!

Tomorrow we are back to work stacking blocks!

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  1. I remember you saying how if you ever built your own house you were going to have a 2 person shower in your master bedroom. :) You had just gone away with Jason someplace and wherever you stayed had one of those and you said it was just heavenly. So are you putting in fixtures for two in your ensuite?


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