Saturday, May 12, 2012

Money-Saving Delivery, Trusses Ordered and Mortgage Requested

A little over 1 week ago we had a delivery truck from Menards in Grand Forks bring a semi-load of supplies to us.  Way back in April, I saw that fiber cement siding was on sale for almost half the price we were quoted up here in Canada.  The savings were too great to pass up so one day a few weeks ago we drove the 2 hours to see it and place the order.  Since that order was placed, drywall and Styrofoam insulation also came on sale at prices that we just couldn't get here.  The savings, once again, were so good we also ordered those.  Being Canadian we do believe in buying local but when the prices we can get in the USA are half the price we pay here, well, staying local just isn't affordable.  Even with the delivery fee the savings on that one truck alone were just about $8000!  Yes, that is right!  Over eight thousand dollars in savings just by driving a couple of hours south.  Delivery day arrived and while Jay went off to the border to meet the truck and pay all the applicable duties (just taxes on this load), I went to our home school co-op for the morning.  My body may have been at co-op but my mind was certainly on Jay and the delivery.  Thankfully, they were still unloading the truck when co-op was over so I made a quick trip out to see our first big delivery.  Maybe it was just because this was the first big purchase for the house or maybe it was because this meant that building day is drawing ever closer.  Whatever the reason, I was almost giddy with excitement!  I am sure I had a perma-grin :)  And I made sure to give my father-in-law and brother-in-law a big hug for their help!  We couldn't have done this without them!

Then, last week Friday, I made the final order for our windows!  I tell you, my whole experience with Vic at Durabuilt Windows and Doors has been fantastic!  Vic is one of the nicest guys in the industry I have met and he has always treated me with respect.  Others that I have talked to in regards to our windows (and I interacted with quite a few) seemed a little aloof or arrogant or condescending or uninterested.  Not Vic.  He answered every question thoroughly, was super quick on answering all emails, and, when I was signing all the paperwork, shared a little about his life here in Canada (he moved here from India only 3 years ago).  He is intelligent, interested in your life, knowledgeable about his job, and just a really nice guy!  So, I was thrilled to be able to go through this process with him.  Others in the industry are saying that Durabuilt has some remarkable products and are innovative in their window design.  I am excited to be using their windows in our house.  Though we have signed all the paperwork they will not make the windows until we give them the go-ahead at the end of May, once we have actually started and know where we are at in the construction timeline.  But then all it takes is one quick phone call or email and the order is sent to manufacturing.

This week we also placed the order for our trusses and it turns out they were about $4000 less than the budgeted amount just because we shopped around for different estimates!  We were thrilled about those savings.  We are just in the process of confirming that each and every truss is correct (we are so thankful to be working with a seasoned contractor/carpenter because he actually knows what he is looking at when he looks at the truss design while we can only understand the basics!) and then early next week that order will be sent to manufacturing as well!  So exciting to see each step falling into place.

Finally, Jason sat down with a financial institution this week to secure our mortgage.  We have been doing all of the purchasing so far with cash  but that only goes so far when you are building a house!  After talking to various institutions and learning all about the different products, Jason made his final decision and got all the paperwork started for that.  When it comes to financial decisions like our mortgage, Jason makes the final choices.  I trust him explicitly since he knows exactly what he wants and understands everything they are telling him and knows what is right for us.  He has been wise with our money in the past and I know he will continue to make the choices that are best for us in the future.  We will go in to sign all the documents this week so we will have disbursements in time to pay the various trades.

As it stands, we are just over 1 week away from digging that basement hole, if everything goes according to schedule.  And even the kids are starting to get excited, telling me just yesterday that they cannot wait to build the new house and move into it!  They are looking forward to more space just as we are! 

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