Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beauty School and Riding Lessons

Sometimes it is the very everyday ordinary things that make the kids ever so happy. The other day the girls wanted to do my hair. I always do theirs, they figured it was time to do mine. So, out came the hair brushes, the combs, the spray bottle, the ponies and the clips. And, just as a little secret between you and me, I LOVE having my hair brushed, just about as much as I LOVE having my head rubbed. Instant happiness on my part. Instant relaxation. So, consider this Beauty School, with no discrimination based on sex (notice my little man joining in!). After probably half an hour of pampering, I had to insist I was done. The excessive amount of water sprayed on my head was making me cold, thus ending the relaxation!

Then the other day the horse arrived in town and they all got their riding lessons. This is a pretty amazing horse as it holds 5 riders comfortably, though it was the older 4 who raced through the house, giggling the whole time!

Yes, it certainly is the simplest of things that makes the biggest of smiles!

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