Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Look for A Little Man

At the beginning of December we learned AJ was far-sighted. Quite seriously, too. The cut-off for "needs glasses" and "doesn't need glasses" is a -3.00. AJ was showing about a -2.5. However, there were other signs that were suggesting he was maybe hiding some sight issues. He would comment that if he made his eyes close a bit he could actually see better. Sometimes he said his eyes were fuzzy. Often it would take him forever to copy what was on the whiteboard but if I told him what to write he would do it quickly. So, when I mentioned all these things to the optometrist, he decided to dilate his pupils so he could see the full measure of his farsightedness. He showed a -5.00 and a -4.75! Wow! That is quite a bit of hiding. So began the search for glasses. Now, AJ is a little man. He has small features. All glasses we tried on seemed to dwarf his little face. We went to at least 3 different opticians to try on glasses. The selection for children is small to start off with then if you take out all the girl glasses you are left with a small handful that are all too big. I decided to check out Zenni online. If you are in the mood for different glasses, give them a try! The selection of children's glasses is huge and by using a photo of AJ and "trying on" the glasses on line, I was able to pick 6 glasses I liked on him. I gave him the final choice of what he wanted. He picked one silver pair of memory-wire glasses and a black-framed pair of prescription sunglasses. I love the look of my new even cuter little man with his spectacles! They are certainly thicker than I was anticipating and so they do make his eyes look much larger. I am really sensitive for him because I remember how much I hated my first glasses. Honestly, they were huge and awful! He has not enjoyed this process one little bit but he loves having his sunglasses. Hey, if he wants to wear them all day in school, I am fine with that! So, we wait 3 weeks then go back to the optometrist to see if the prescription is too strong or just right. As of right now, he tends to look over the glasses or lift them up in order to read without them. Time will tell, I guess. Now I think I need to order a pair or two of new glasses for myself!

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