Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Favorite Things - January 2010

I have decided to do a little series called "My Favorite Things". I intend to post this on the last day of each month but, as you can see, that may vary by a few days.

So, in no particular order, here are my favorite things for January, 2010.

1. Winter Blooms

Around here, nothing is blooming. The only thing that even looks alive are the evergreen trees. I take great pleasure in forcing amaryllis bulbs to produce showy blossoms just so winter doesn't seem so dreary. Aren't they gorgeous? And, if you time it right and buy a few different varieties, you could have weeks of blooms!

2. Hoar frost

I don't understand the science of it - something to do with fog freezing on the trees but the effect is stunning. I absolutely love waking up to a morning of hoar frost. It makes the whole world seem a little unreal. And if you examine it up closely, it almost looks like coral. White coral everywhere. It really is breathtaking!

3. My Sunbeam electric blanket

There is nothing that compares to climbing into a bed covered with flannel sheets and prewarmed by an electric blanket, especially when it is -35C outside and seemingly only a tad warmer inside. I LOVE my blankie!! Rarely a night goes by that Jay does not hit the PreHeat button for me so my bed is nice and toasty upon my arrival. Funny story about it. A long time ago I wanted an electric blanket. Hubs insisted I just get a twin size, he didn't really need it. A twin size blanket covers exactly the top of a queen-sized bed. After a while, I started hearing comments like, "Do you think you could turn the blanket a little warmer?" and other such nonsense from the guy who didn't really need it. Once that blanket fell apart, I bought a queen-sized one, which has dual controls. Now I can keep my side as hot as I want and so can he!

4. Protect-A-Bed Mattress Protector

This is hands-down the best mattress protector out there. No matter how much the kid pees the bed, the bed stays dry! We have one on every bed in this house and so should you! Do you have any idea the kinds of things that make their way into your mattress each and every night? The amount of liquid in the form of drool or sweat or any other bodily secretions? What about dead skin cells? All in your mattress! The thought just about makes me sick! No wonder old mattresses weigh about a tonne! That is just disgusting! Protect-A-Bed mattress protectors are hospital grade and work wonderfully! We have had a few kids pee the bed or dump water on the bed and no wet mattresses. True, they are a bit spendy - about $100 for a twin-sized one, but worth every penny!

5. Simmons BeautyRest Imperial Royale Pillowtop Mattress

Apparently, this mattress was designed for Queen Elizabeth when she came to Canada or Winnipeg to visit. Seriously, this mattress is amazing. I mean, it is high-end stuff filled with bamboo and cashmere. But the sleep! Oh, the blissful sleep! We bought a new mattress when I was pregnant with #4 and if a mattress can make a 7-month pregnant woman feel good, it can make anyone feel good!

Those are just a few of my favorite things for January!


  1. Ooh...those are all good things. I especially miss the hoar frost this winter. But I am especially enjoying the fresh flowers OUTSIDE year-round. There are definitely trade-offs with being in California during the winter! Favorite things is a great idea, by the way...

  2. Wow, thank you Chantelle. We are flattered to be one of your favorite things!!

  3. Hey Chantelle...where do you buy the protect a bed?? We have been looking for about a year for anything with a rubber/waterproof undercover...I have found double size, but not yet a single bed.... Love reading your blog!! I don't feel so far away!! Love Kim


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