Friday, February 19, 2010

Making Memories - Winter Fun

Winter is a magical time for us! Dad-in-law makes a great ice rink each year on their yard. We have a couple of outdoor rinks here in town but the convenience of skating at the farm cannot be beat. The house is a nice warm place to get dressed, washrooms are close by in case of necessity and we generally get fed supper - what's not to like?? RJ decided she wanted to abandon the bob-skates in favor of single-blade skates! What a girl!

One of the best reasons for skating at the farm - the snowmobile is handy in case boredom from skating sets in. It is so fun watching the kids slide around on their sliders behind the sled while their dad tries to run them into the various piles of snow. The boys love it but RJ is right in there with them! The smile on her face is so fun to see.

Yesterday, I sat backwards on the sled while Jay drove so I could take some pictures! The boys are predictable, RJ is a little dare-devil, turning backwards, lying down and generally being a goof! I think all this watching of the Olympics is really getting into their heads!!

Finally, here are some pictures of us wearing the hats I have made! Yes, I made one for myself and love it!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! The whole in-law clan is going to a hotel in a neighbouring town for the weekend. Swimming and waterslides shall prevail along with a whole pile of home decorating/renovating shows (no cable here so this weekend is my annual chance to enjoy such delights!!). Heavenly for the kids and for me! Guess I better get packing!

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  1. The outdoor adventures look like so much fun!! I can just hear the kids laughing up a storm! I was also personally attracted to the parts where there is someplace warm to go and supper ready 'n waiting ;). Hope your outing was a blast and curious to see what projects have been generated by prolonged exposure to DIY shows :).


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