Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Am In Love With a Pencil Sharpener

Have you ever tried sharpening a pencil with a standard little stick-the-pencil-in-the-handheld-sharpener-and-turn-forever thing until you think the pencil is sharp only to find it has broken off? So, you try again and it breaks again and you try again and it breaks again and before you know you, you have sharpened the pencil down to a stub and it is STILL BROKEN??!!! That has happened to me maybe a time or two or two hundred. I was getting tired of a sore wrist and disappointed children and a waste of time. So, I went on a hunt. No more $2-$4 sharpeners for me. I was determined to find something that worked even if it cost $20. And it did. Cost a bit more than $20. Let me introduce you to the X-ACTO Helix 1900 Electic Pencil Sharpener available at Staples for $21.90. A little pricey but, oh, the sheer bliss of perfectly pointed pencils. I went through the entire pencil and pencil crayon collection and sharpened every. single. one. They now all sport perfectly pointed tips with little effort from me. Sure, I did overheat the motor in this electric sharpener a time or two. Comes from sharpening 500 pencils at a time (that is just a rough estimate, according to hubby!). But, let me tell you, all other sharpeners are a thing of the past. This baby, this beauty, this amazing little device is my newest love! So, if you are ever in the area and need a pencil (or 30) sharpened, you know where to find me (and my sharpener!!).

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