Friday, June 17, 2011


I wandered outside this morning, gazing at the lilacs in bloom, watching the butterflies flit from one blossom to the next. I meandered over to the birdhouse that was still holding all those black-capped chickadees yesterday. In fact, I took a photo of them, all growing up and crammed together.

This morning I saw one peeking his head out of the door. I wasn't sure if it was one of the parents or one of the chicks. Without hesitation, it took a jump out the door and started flying. As soon as I saw the wobbly path it took, I knew this was a fledgling! I was watching the chick fly for the very first time. I ran inside to grab my camera and watch nature in action! The first chick I watched fledge was a fairly good flyer, considering this was the first time. It flew from bush to tree to bush and back again. Mom and dad were busy squawking at him/her, though I wasn't sure if it was to cheer it on or out of paranoia! I was certainly nervous for it. We have a neighbour cat that loves to hang out in our yard and I was going to do whatever it took to protect this little flyer.

As soon as that one chick was out of the nest box, another chick made its way to the door. It sat for a long while at the entrance just checking out the world.

Mom/dad would come and feed it little green worms and continue feeding the other chicks that were now scattered throughout the lilac hedge. Finally, this last little chick made the jump and flew/fell in the nearby flower bed.

It was certainly much smaller than its siblings. I watched it for a minute or two hopping around on the ground and determined it was not ready to be out of the safety of the box. I got some gloves and scooped up this adorable little guy and put it back in his nest box. Mom/dad were grateful, I imagine, and continued to feed him. But, he was more determined to leave than I imagined and about 1/2 hour after putting him back, he was out again. Still hopping on the ground. So, I gave the glove to Ali and let her hold this sweet little baby.

After a few pictures, we put it on a branch in the lilac hedge. It was safer there than on the ground. Mom/dad are sure to find it.

I can only think that sometimes this is how the Lord feels about me. Sometimes I take a jump into something I am not ready for. He watches and waits to see what happens then swoops in to protect me from danger. He watches over me like a hen gathers her chicks under her wings (Matthew 27:37) This has certainly become much more vivid today!

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  1. If I counted correctly, the picture of the newly hatched chicks has five babies in that nest :). Hmmmm. Kind of like another family I know :). Thanks for posting about these little creatures - what a neat experience to watch them learn to use their wings - AND to share that with your kids! Great!!!


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