Sunday, June 26, 2011

3 Times the Fun

What do you do when you have lovely arching willows, a roll of rope kicking around and far too many tires left on your property from the previous owner? Why, make a tire swing . . or two . . . or three!

(And, yes, I am well aware that there is still garbage standing up against that little shed - some of it was removed right after this photo and the rest will go, too! It is just a small indication of the many random things we have found all over this yard! It is like a treasure hunt except it is not treasure. So, I guess we can call it a garbage hunt!)


  1. Oh my word! Despite the junk, those arches and the tire swings are a childs' dream. Beautiful!

  2. Tire swings are such fun! What a fun memory for your kids! And you too!!


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