Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Finds for Project 2012

Yesterday we got back from a two-day trip to Fargo to do a little shopping for new house stuff while catching up, relaxing, talking, etc. I thought I would show you our newest treasures! First off, we bought our front door! It is so very exciting to know that this is the pretty door everyone will see upon entering our home! It is a beautiful steel door with an oval window and zinc accents. And at $199? What a steal! This picture is not the exact one but so very close!

Won't it look so fabulous with this entrance set I bought a long time ago? I am in love!

Secondly, we were able to pick up the faucets for the kids' bathroom. This "Porter" style by Delta was on sale so we couldn't pass it up.

Remember the sinks that are going with these faucets? Oh, it will look so beautiful!

The sink faucets were $49 and the tub/shower faucet? Only $99!

We are good bargain hunters, wouldn't you say? We also picked up 3 of our interior doors since they were only $28.88 prehung! If they had more in the size and style we needed, we would have bought more! Needless to say, the trip was completely worth it and we look forward to more excursions in the future!

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  1. Great buys!!! Sounds like you guys had an all-around awesome (RESTFUL! :P) break. The door is beautiful!


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