Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Little Shopping

Every year, Jay and I try to take a couple of days and head out somewhere without the kids. This is a treat, to say the very least, and it is in no small part due to the very generous hearts of our family who willingly takes all 5 kids for a couple of days/nights. Usually on these short excursions, Jay and I try to take some time to reconnect. Refocus. Evaluate. Plan. Relax. Just be. Sometimes we go somewhere more secluded so there is little to do but connect. With no TV or shopping to distract, we spend many hours together just talking. Or walking. Or hiking. These are treasured times and we look forward to them each year. Sometimes, though, we do something a little more urban and head to the states to reconnect, refocus, evaluate but also shop! That is the route we are going this year. Soon we are going to Fargo for 2 days and 2 nights! We are so excited. As the time draws nearer to house building, scouting out deals and bargains is at the top of our list. We will certainly check out hardware stores and price compare. Being so close to the American border, with the added incentive of getting all the taxes back we spend in ND, shopping in the US is a sensible option for us. Don't get me started on the whole "stay local" jargon - a lot of the stuff sold there is made here in Canada then shipped down there and sold for a cheaper price. I will go where the savings are! Anyhow, part of the appeal of shopping in the states is finding those treasures that aren't sold here in Canada (well, if they are, certainly not anywhere around here!).

First off, Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Herb Tea! Oh, my goodness! That stuff is FANTASTIC! It is a full flavored caffeine free tea that requires no sweeteners due to the natural sweetness it contains. I tasted some a little while ago and am now hooked!

Secondly, Hershey's Dark Cocoa, if I can find it. Another luxury not available in Canada!

Any other treats you buy in the states since they are not available here? I am not so interested in the candies (though Hershey's Symphony bar with toffee and almonds is heavenly) or the pop but other goodies? Do tell!!


  1. I didn't realize my Symphony with toffee was such a luxury. I've been taking it for granted all this time! :-) I do love that cany bar. That and Almond Joy! But I need to follow your example and quit.

  2. I buy flavoured coffee creamer. They have a lot more variety and better flavours than we have here. I buy, literally, 25 or 30 bottles and freeze them. I'm currently on the last one that we bought back in November.

  3. Not sure what goodies I would put on the shopping list, but OH SO MUCH FUN!! ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!! We're off for our night away ourselves (sans babies!!) in a week and I am SO looking forward to it!!!


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