Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Company I Love - Seeds & More

I just love getting little brown envelopes in the mail, don't you? Usually it is because I have ordered something and I eagerly anticipate tearing open that envelope to see what is inside. Today was one of those days! I love these kind of days. It is like Christmas (even if I did order it myself and I know full well what is inside!). One week ago I placed an order for these:

from a little company I love called Seeds & More. This company
specializes in unique and quality seeds for garden annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees and tropicals. I have been ordering from Kim for a number of years already and love the service and the selection. Based in Newfoundland, Canada, I usually get my seeds in about 1 week and they come in these wonderful resealable packages. I usually order some seeds in the spring but this time I bought some maples and I am so excited to seed them this fall and watch them grow next year. A number of these are not hardy to zone 3 but I love to experiment and for the cost of seeds, it is a cheap way to do it. She always throws in a free package of seeds that is similar to what I am ordering but maybe just a different variety. I really love free things! Plus there is always a coupon for my next order. So, if you are looking for affordable annual and perennial seeds or looking to experiment with some more interesting or unusual plants, check out Seeds & More. I know you will love it, just as I do!


  1. This is so cool Chantelle. I had just been wondering where the heck I was going to be able to buy seeds this time of year!! I'll have to check it out. Thanks.

  2. They are awesome, Seeds $ More and Centerofthewebb's rare seeds are my absolute fav


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