Friday, October 29, 2010

I Need Your Help!

Agh! I cannot stand starting a DIY project and getting stuck partway through. I especially hate getting stuck on the boring, mundane part which hinders you from getting to the fun make-it-look-snazzy part. So, here is my dilemma and maybe you or someone you know has a solution for me!
I found this beautiful antique solid brass chandelier on Kijiji. It had not a single crystal drop on it but the shape was so beautiful! And, I was fully aware it needed rewiring. How hard can that be? I have put up and taken down a few lights with no problem, changing out some wires should be simple! Remember that shape I loved? Yeah, that's what's causing all the problems!

I took some time to read tips online for rewiring a chandelier. It seemed so simple! Attach the new wire to the old wire with some electrical tape, pull out the old wire and the new wire will just slip into place. With this chandy, nothing is that easy! I have ripped wires in half, pulled some wires completely out without the new wires following along as they should. AGH! It has been so frustrating. I think most people have not been working with two-tiered solid brass (therefore the inside of the tubes are not smooth) 'S' shaped arms. The first 13 meters of wire I bought was the tiniest bit thicker than the old stuff and is therefore useless! Now I don't know what to do. After examining the old wire thoroughly, I realize that it is in fine shape. So, on the top tier I have wired in new sockets. What do I do with the bottom tier? Most of those need some new wire in because I pulled the old wire out. To make a very frustrating long story short, how do I thread wire into an 'S' shaped solid brass arm? I can easily get new wire to the top tier as it is a very shallow 'U' shape. The bottom tier is the problem. HELP??!!

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  1. Gosh, I wish I could help you :( I just recently learned how to wire a flush light to the ceiling. And I spent time helping my electrician shove a thick group of wires into a skinny tube. It ain't easy, and I can't imagine getting it through an S.

    Have you had any more success with your tries?


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