Thursday, November 4, 2010

Simple Family Fun

Want to know a great use for all those small individually wrapped packages of chocolate so easily found this time of year?

Bingo prizes! I found a Bingo game at Dollarama the other week and bought it on impulse. Then, because we purchased a certain amount of groceries, we were given a box of those snack sized Hershey's chocolates for free. Enter the Bingo game. Sometimes after a particularly good day of school or as a fun time after supper, we pull out the game and chocolates and have at it! Everyone is only allowed to win Bingo once and, upon winning, they get a chocolate of their choice! We play enough times to allow each child a win. They love it! It even teaches a couple of different things. First of all, the boys help the girls with their Bingo cards so cooperation and helpfulness are practiced. Secondly, RJ is getting better at recognizing many different numbers from 1-60. Finally, it is just a great time together with the kids and chocolate - what could be more fun? (Well, being able to EAT the chocolate would be more fun for me but, alas, I must wait 58 more days. Really, that's nothing compared to the 307 I have already done but I sure do look forward to it!) So, if you don't already have a Bingo game, go out and get one then stock up on those chocolates that are now half price! Your family will love you for it!


  1. Woah, did I miss something? Are you avoiding chocolate for a whole year? I tried to go a week without sugar once.

    Good for you! I love Bingo too! Wish there were a few more peeps in the fam so we could play it more often that just at B-day parties.

  2. Great idea Chantelle! We'll have to try that one:)


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