Friday, September 3, 2010

Lapbook on Turkey

Merhaba! Hello (for all you non-Turkish speakers!). For geography this year, we will be studying a book called "A Child's Geography - Explore the Holy Land". I am really excited about doing this study but wanted to be sure the boys would be able to retain the knowledge they will gain. Enter lapbooks! If you have never heard of lapbooks, you are not alone. I had only heard of them for the first time just about a year ago when we were discussing what we would be doing at the homeschool co-op we are joining this year. A lapbook is a folder of information pertaining to a particular subject. This folder contains lots of mini-books of bite-sized chunks of information. At the end of your study of that topic you have a creative book filled with information that is presented in a lot more interesting of a manner than just a notebook filled with writing. That is a very simplistic definition but it gets the point across. You can find lapbooks all over the web for many different topics. I could not find a lapbook for this particular study so what is a girl to do? Make one! Now, A Child's Geography covers 6 different countries in the Holy Land area so we are going to take a full month to study each country. I have finally completed the lapbook for the first country, Turkey. I had to make a sample so I knew how all of it would be arranged. I loved doing it and the boys are excited about making their own. I made all the templates on my computer then printed them out on really colorful paper. The boys will fill in all the information and cut them out during the appropriate lesson. I read somewhere that colorful paper is a better way to retain the info plus it looks better so that is what I used. I also found a tonne of colorful file folders at the thrift store for a couple pennies each. They were already written on the tab so I just cut the tabs off. I actually like the slightly smaller size better since this way I can put each lapbook in a plastic page protector and put them all into a binder. Anyway, without any further ado, here is my lapbook on Turkey to accompany the first chapter in "A Child's Geography - Explore the Holy Land".

{This is how it closes. The front cover will be decorated by the boys - I didn't decorate mine}

{Inside - all the mini books are closed}

{Inside - some of the mini-books are open. There are a lot of fill-in-the-blanks but not huge amounts of writing.}

{The back of the lapbook - a map of Turkey the boys will have to label.}


  1. That is so cool and such a neat idea!! Way to go!!

  2. Good for you! I never made one with my kids but I'd read about them. Soon you'll be doing workshops at homeschool conferences, Chantelle!

  3. I love doing these!! Very cute and fun. Good work! I would totally come to your workshop :)



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