Sunday, June 6, 2010

He Can Hear!

Earlier in May I had asked for prayer for Pepe because he was supposed to go in for t-tube surgery. Well, we took him in that day, went through the whole 2 hour pre-op routine only to find out from the anesthetist that his lungs were too congested and she would not administer the anesthesia. It wasn't a complete waste of time as Pepe was allowed to play some video games while waiting.

That was a treat for him and something to look forward to upon his return. So, we went home and were given a later date of July 21 for his surgery. Last week I received a call from the doctor that she had an opening on Thursday, June 3. We could have that date so long as Pepe saw our family doctor first to check out his lungs and make sure it was all good. We went, we saw, and we got the go-ahead. So, on Thursday, back into the city we went and Pepe was able to have the surgery. He made sure Dr. Spot, his Build-A-Bear, came with him to keep him company!

As I had mentioned earlier, he has had this surgery before 2 years ago and the experience was a hard one for him. This time, what a difference! He confidently answered all the questions he was asked, he willingly walked to the pre-op waiting room and he willingly walked towards the surgical doors-of-no-return. That is when he started to panic. He grabbed for me and pushed me ahead of him. However, when those doors opened, lo and behold, there on the other side, were 2 shiny battery-operated cars waiting for him. He could choose to drive either a bright red convertible Corvette or a powerful black Hummer. His eyes lit up, he almost smiled and made his choice - the Corvette. We watched as he learned to drive, smashing into the Hummer twice, but away he went. No tears. No fear. Just confidently driving away. A short while later, he was awake and waiting for us in recovery. Once again, no tears, no anxiety, just a calm smiling boy waiting for us. What a remarkable difference!

He was speedily wheeled down the hall in his bed to another recovery room where he enjoyed some TV (which he doesn't get at home), an orange popsicle and some 7-Up.

An hour later we were out of there with a boy that said everything was too loud! What a relief! I could whisper to him many loving things and he could hear every single one! We are hoping that this is the last time he will have to go through this surgery, that this will be the time everything returns to normal. In the meantime, we are so thankful he can hear properly once again and that the experience was a good one. A redeeming one. The overwhelming feeling I had was a sense of peace through this all. Like I said, I know this is routine, but for us, it is a bit of a stresser and we were so thankful for those of you that prayed. We certainly experienced the peace of the Lord envelop us!

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